Excited About PEER!

Suva’s very first technology is an application designed for neuroscience researchers. PEER (it stands for Portable EEG ERP Researcher) is such an important step forward for neuroscientists because it makes it possible for researchers to work outside of a laboratory or hospital setting and measure what is going on with people’s brainwaves in absolutely any setting. Suva’s Dr. Olav Krigolson has already used mobile EEG tech to record brainwaves in some pretty extraordinary settings, such as remote Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas!

PEER uses the Muse Headband from Interaxon and can be used on either an iPad or iPhone

We’ve recently released version 1.0.1 of PEER, which includes fixes for a few issues that came up in our initial release. You can find the app on the Apple Store by clicking here! We’re looking forward to hearing all about how researchers around the world are using PEER to take neuroscience to all sorts of new places!

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