EEG and Athletic Performance

Here at Suva, we’re not just a technology company. We’re also seriously involved in neuroscience research, and we always will be. We’re proud of Suva’s Anthony Pluta, who recently published his article “Chasing the zone: Reduced beta power predicts baseball batting performance” in Neuroscience Letters.

What can EEG teach us about athletic performance?

Anthony used our mobile EEG research technology to focus on what we might be able to learn about baseball batting performance by studying the component of EEG known as beta waves, which are the waves that occur between 12.5 and 30 Hz (that’s 12.5 to 30 cycles per second).

His research builds on previous studies that have suggested that more powerful beta waves are associated with increased motor errors. To put it another way, the more prominent your beta waves, the more likely your brain is to make mistakes when performing the complex physical maneuvers required of elite athletes.

Anthony’s research offers new support for this theory. He measured sixty-seven baseball players before they began their batting practice, and then tracked their performance in that practice. The players that showed lower beta power in the EEG test were the better performers at bat.

Warm congratulations to Anthony on his publication!

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