Suva on the Road: National Safety Council Conference in Seattle!

This past week, Suva attended the National Safety Council‘s outstanding Workplace Fatigue Conference in Seattle (20-21 February). Represented by our CEO Nolan Beise, Suva took part in the workgroup breakout sessions on Fatigue Risk Management Systems and Fatigue and Technology.

The National Safety Council (founded 1913) is a non-profit organization that boasts a membership of over 55 000 American organizations, ranging from corporations to labour organizations to schools and public agencies. This year’s NSC conference on workplace fatigue was well-attended by consultants, fatigue management companies and representatives from major corporations, the US military, and a broad range of public agencies.

Suva’s Aspire Application

Suva generated great buzz at the conference as Nolan demonstrated the Aspire App and gave many of the conference delegates a chance to directly measure their cognitive fatigue for the very first time with our cutting-edge technology.

We were delighted to find that Suva and the Aspire app were the subject of so much interest. Many conference delegates understood that Aspire is a game-changing, next-generation technology with clear potential to revolutionize fatigue management.

Nolan was approached by and had extended talks with representatives from an array of large multinational corporations, as well as a wide variety of public agencies. In all, Suva had an amazing conference and we look forward to forging productive future relationships with many of the organizations Nolan met.

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